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Our Environment

Our Objective: Minimize Environmental Impact. We are committed to responsible mining and extensive monitoring program

Copper Mountain Mining Corporation believes managing environmental responsibilities is an integral component in our operations. We endeavour to carry out all our activities in a conscientious and respectful manner and encourage judicious environmental stewardship. We believe that being a good neighbour begins by effectively minimizing our environmental footprint. This is achieved by on going engagement and monitoring process that is maintained throughout the entire life-cycle of our mine.

In 2017, the mine continued to focus on ensuring the Tailings Management Facility (TMF) is designed, constructed, and operated to a high industry standard to ensure long-term stability and to minimize potential risks to the environment. This was achieved through the following activities undertaken in 2017:

  • Completed feasibility engineered designs for realignment of a small section of creek away from the TMF
  • A conceptual fish habitat offsetting plan was designed by qualified professionals to offset anticipated losses of fish productivity associated with realignment of a small fish-bearing portion of the creek
  • Designs for the creek realignment and associated fish habitat offset plan were presented for review to a regional development review committee comprised of local, provincial and federal governments and local First Nations representatives, with feedback incorporated into the final designs submitted for regulatory approvals
  • Toe drain extensions were completed for both dams to enhance drainage and continue to maintain a low phreatic surface within the downstream shells for construction to the projected 2022 dam design footprints
  • Engineer of Record conducted the annual Dam Safety Inspection as well as regular audits and quality control checks throughout the construction season
  • Independent Tailings Review Board conducted site visits and review of annual TMF reports and creek realignment designs

At the Copper Mountain mine, routine environmental monitoring programs and the additional aquatic biology monitoring studies conducted in 2017 continued to report favourable conditions in the surrounding receiving environment.

Energy conservation and minimizing emissions is another key focus at the Copper Mountain mine. The mine has embedded energy efficiency into its corporate strategy and as a result our projects have demonstrated significant achievements in energy efficiency and environmental stewardship within Canada’s industrial sector. We are well aligned with the Government of Canada’s commitment to advancing its clean-growth agenda. Example of this commitment, the mine has completed or undertaken the following projects:

  • Optimization of the secondary crushing circuit, which has resulted in improved energy intensity of the grinding circuit
  • High chrome media, which has improved grinding efficiency
  • Compressed air optimization
  • Tertiary grinding process optimization study
  • Low carbon electrification energy study in pit waste conveyor
  • Study on duel fuel system conversion of high horsepower diesel-powered haul trucks to clean burning lower cost natural gas.

As a result of Copper Mountain’s commitment, the Copper Mountain Mine is the recipient of the 2018 Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Industry Partnership for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) Leadership Award for Corporate Stewardship.

Copper Mountain Mining Corporation is committed to returning the land to an overall improved condition after mining has ceased while preserving the heritage value of each site. As part of this commitment, consultation with community groups is carried out during the development stage of rehabilitation plans to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are taken into account. This is reflected in our Environmental Policy.

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