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Before any minerals are extracted, all of our mines start with a comprehensive, progressive reclamation plan that ensures our sites will be safely reintroduced to nature after we’ve gone.

By building land reclamation into the initial phases of our projects, we restore the land to progressively regenerate it. Our reclamation efforts are also integral to our net-zero carbon emissions goal and our commitment to being a good neighbor and responsible community member.

In our desire for continuous improvement, we have scaled up our progressive reclamation program to reclaim 25 hectares of land per year. Further, we are focused on minimizing the total disturbed area that requires reclamation. The details of our reclamation program can be found in our latest Annual Reclamation Report


To accomplish this, we have entered into an innovative partnership with the City of Vancouver, Arrow Transportation, and a local First Nation partner. Copper Mountain uses Class A biosolids from the City of Vancouver to supplement the topsoil from our mine to support an effective and organic reclamation process.

Towards Sustainable Mining

Copper Mountain achieved its target, an “A” rating, in Biodiversity and Conservation Management in 2022.

The TSM Biodiversity Conservation Management Protocol consists of three indicators that outline conservation expectations for mining companies.

The protocol ensures mining facilities have made formal commitments to manage biodiversity at their sites, developed and implemented action plans, created reporting systems to inform decision-making, and will communicate their performance to the public.

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