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Corporate Governance

We believe that practicing plain disclosure and maintaining communication with all of our stakeholders will continue to encourage confidence in our business practices.

The Board of Directors and management of Copper Mountain Mining Corp consider the highest standards of corporate governance to be an important factor in the effective operation of the Company. At Copper Mountain, we have always believed the Company should be managed in an ethical manner and, as such, we have aCode of Business Conduct and Ethics in place that applies to all of our executives and employees.

Committee Members

Audit Committee

Bruce Aunger (Chair)
Paula Rogers
Bill Washington

Corporate Governance Committee

Paula Rogers (Chair)
Michele Buchignani
Bill Washington

Compensation Committee

Bill Washington (Chair)
Bruce Aunger
Peter Sullivan

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Michele Buchignani (Chair)
M. Stephen Enders
Peter Sullivan

Technical Committee

M. Stephen Enders (Chair)
Gil Clausen
Ed Dowling


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